Pelatihan Strategi Digital Bisnis Inovasi Gurah Mesin di Era Revolusi Industri 4.0

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Eko Hariadi Lilik Sugiarto Mursid Mursid Afnan Rosyidi


The industrial revolution 4.0 is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) which has the potential to increase global income and quality of life for the world community. In addition, AI will also produce cheap and competitive prices, increase efficiency and productivity, reduce transportation and communication costs, increase the effectiveness of logistics and global supply chains, reduce trade costs, open new markets, and encourage economic growth. Thus the gurah engine innovation business opportunity in facing free competition in the digital age needs to be created as much as possible. The business strategy to determine the pace of innovation in the engine gurah business in the global market must get priority in starting a new business. How to get professional and experienced mechanics in supporting the engine gurah business from automotive vocational schools with training and guidance incorporated in a professional mechanical team. The determination of the target market for business users of gurah engine innovation services in the coming market era needs to be developed and improved. The way to do this is to follow the strategic steps to meet the community's need for machine gurah without dismantling the machine and without having to come to the workshop and the importance of the future engine gurah business can make new jobs for SMK graduates majoring in Automotive to independently open their own businesses or who are ready to become a team Professional Mechanics.


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