Analisa Kinerja Website UPTPPD Wilayah 1 Pontianak Menggunakan Automated Sofware Testing GTMetrix

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Robertus Laipaka


In the era of industry 4.0 evolution requires us to move swiftly and responsively in all aspects of life to make good use of website technology. Website is a means for publication of information and documentation in uptppd region 1 Pontianak, speed of access to sources of information is very important that can not be ignored anymore, this performance problem is what drives the need for in-depth research certainly supported by good technological devices and contributions from academics such as the lecturer is then considered necessary to do PKM on these objects. Community service activities (PKM) with the topic of training on the use of websites for publication of information in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 are carried out by means of case studies on objects directly and observing and evaluating the results of PKM using GTMetrix. Website performance is said to be good based on GTMetrix, the average performance value on Pagespeed with a percentage of 71% and Yslow with a percentage of 69%. While the page detail value for average time to open upppp region 1 pontianak website pages is 6.7s, the average total website pages is 2.50MB and for the request count value is 131 on the Chrome user interface and 136 for the user interface on mozilla firefox. To get a good website performance, it must optimize website performance based on recommendations for improvement from the GTMetrix test results


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