Foto Produk Untuk Meningkatkan Penjualan Online Anggota L3M (Lifelong Learning Mamas) Yogyakarta

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Mei Parwanto Kurniawan


 With the increasing number of internet users in Indonesia the market share of online sales is also increasing. Moreover, at this time there is a shift in the function of social media and communication media through messaging into a medium for promotion. This situation can be seen by the increasing number of people joining online businesses where many sell goods or products and services from various groups, especially at this time many housewives who participate in selling through online media to fill their free time. However, limited capital and knowledge make the quality of product photos that they have produced so far is still minimal and seem improper.
Product photo training for home-based online businesses is expected to be the solution for this problem. The object of this training is the Community of Lifelong Learning Mamas (L3M), which all members have a home-based online business. This training is carried out by holding hands-on photography workshops with materials such as the introduction of object shooting methods, principles and techniques for setting exposure on the camera to be used, lighting techniques, choosing the right property to increase the value of a product to the trick of photographing products with professional quality but with a makeshift device such as a smartphone or camera pocket. With this training, participants are expected to be able to improve the quality of their product photos so that they can attract more potential buyers who have an impact on increasing the income of L3M members in running their online business.


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