Peran Manajemen Publikasi Informasi Terhadap Kelayakan Konten pada Website SMA Kemala Bhayangkari Pontianak

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I Dewa Ayu AyuEka Yuliani


Managing school website information is very important in order to provide good, useful and appropriate information for students and for the public. The purpose of community service is to provide understanding and stages in the management of information publication on the school website. The community service was held at Kemala Bhayangkari Pontianak High School and used lecture techniques to convey information to school staff. The final result of this community service is in the form of guidelines in the management of information publications which are divided into several stages. The first stage is gathering information from each unit such as academic and student units. The second step is to analyze the information that has been collected to ensure the feasibility of the information. The third stage is the implementation of information publication carried out by designated school staff. The last step is to supervise information where the principal plays a role in evaluating the information that has been published. Management of publications will only work well if each unit works with each other. In the future there needs to be an increase in providing information validation features directly from the website


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