Implementasi Video Motion Graphics Untuk Promosi Di CV Multi Teknik Engineering

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Tristanto Ari Aji Bhanu Sri Nugraha


The selection of the right promotional media is a strategy that is expected to gain market share in the business world, especially for small and medium businesses (SMEs). CV Multiteknik engineering is a growing electrical installation service company and requires innovation in its promotional facilities. Problems faced by partners require promotion with a lot of explanation in the form of moving text, whereas partners do not have the ability to promote their business using video media combined with moving text. Partners also do not have the ability to promote their business with videos on social media. Through this community service program, proposers will introduce and market partner services using social media. Using research and development methods it is hoped that there will be an expansion of the promotion area and appropriate segmentation of potential customers. The concept of multimedia that supports publication on the internet will also be introduced through this program. Partners are also given training in making videos and how to publish on social media as advertisements. The result of this community service is the creation of a Youtube channel with promotional video content with HD resolution of 720P, which is 30 seconds long, and has been promoted through YouTube online media.


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