Pelatihan Pemuda Desa di BoyolaliDalam Pemasaran Digital Produk Olahan Minyak Jelantah

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Hadis Turmudi Ina Sholihah Widiati Moch Hari Purwidiantoro


Research and Community Service Activities STMIK CiptaDarma Surakarta (has changed its name to STMIK Amikom Surakarta after the implementation of this PkM activity) carried out on young people in Mojolegi Village, Teras Sub-District, Boyolali District, has important significance for both. Aside from being a form of implementation of the Tri Darma of Higher Education, the activity is also very meaningful for young people in rural areas to improve their ability to market their products as washing bars from processed cooking oil. Where so far they are still conventionally marketing these products in order to improve the economy of citizens. Youth itself is the frontline in development in the villages. Therefore optimizing the role of youth in supporting the economy of citizens in rural areas that are synonymous with underdevelopment and poverty should be done. Through socialization, training and assistance it is expected that young people can become the economic backbone of the community. This is in line with the government's strategy set out in the National Medium-Term Development Plan, which is to create a future generation that is resilient, independent and competitive. In addition, the development of the era marked by the growth of digital marketing based on information technology has a positive impact in improving the economic community. The results of this activity alone will be able to increase the role of youth who are more creative, innovative and reliable in marketing superior digital village based products.


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