Pemanfaatan Wordprocessing untuk menunjang Kurikulum Sekolah berbasis Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi

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Okkita Rizan Chandra Kirana R. Burham Isnanto F


Along with changes in information technology importance that has been massively used in all elements, including in education world, highschool curriculum has changed by applying information technology elements in educational activities implementation. One example in schools is using computer applications in the learning process. In SMP 9 Pangkalpinang, Curriculumchanges makes problems for both students and teachers. Computer applications has become a common learning method for teachers and thats impact on students to be able to follow and learn the subject matter delivered by the teacher. Based on this problem, STMIK AtmaLuhur helps students to introduce computer applications to support learning. One of the computer applications that are introduced to students is word processing, because this application is very familiar to use and easy to understand, especially for first-level students. This form of learning in community service activities uses training methods and practical assistance. After the community service activities were carried out, it showed positive results by improving students' ability to use wordprocessing computer applications.


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