Pendekatan Softskill dan Hardskill Melalui Pelatihan Ms Word dan Ms Excel bagi Guru

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Kasmawaru Kasmawaru Rudy Donny Liklikwatil Annah Annah


Calculation of grades and student absences often goes wrong. The process of making the same document is still being done repeatedly. Teachers' knowledge of the features of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel is still minimal. In order to provide solutions to problems faced by partners, the community service implementation team prepared Microsoft Excel and Microsoft word applications and various references. The prepared application is introduced to teachers in the form of training. The results of the training obtained an increase in the skills of teachers in processing student and school data using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel applications. The time used to process student and school data is shorter with more structured data and if the data search is done it can be done quickly. The use of paper can be minimized so that the accumulation of paper can also be minimized


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