Pemanfaatan Microsoft Powerpoint Dalam Pembuatan Game Flappy Cursor

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Sri Lestari Rahayu


Microsoft PowerPoint is an application that is widely used to create attractive presentation slides for students and workers, because Microsoft PowerPoint provides attractive templates, tools, images and graphics to be included in the slides to be presented. But now, Microsoft Powerpoint is not only used to make attractive presentation slides but can also be used to make games, especially flappy cursor games. Making games usually uses software that has a large size (for example Unity, GameMaker and Construct 2) so that it uses a large RAM capacity as well. This affects PC performance when using a low specification PC both during game production to the final stage of rendering and implementation. To avoid using applications that are sized when making a game, game creation can be done by using Microsoft PowerPoint which has tools that support in making games. In addition, the students are already familiar and familiar with using Microsoft Powerpoint, making it easier for them to take part in training in making flappy cursor games. Making this flappy cursor game is able to increase the creativity of students in designing the game and developing the logic functions that are in the game.


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