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Untung Rahardja Tuti Nurhaeni Alfiah Khoirunisa Ria Dwi I’zzaty


The development of technology and information that is taking place today has an impacton the creation of many online community websites that provide, provide various kinds ofinformation that are served and packaged in cement form, perhaps, such as the AlphabetIncubator Site. The Alphabet Incubator has a lot of information contained in the use of theblockchain according to the allocated LTAI schedule. The Alphabet Incubator website is a startupcommunity site based on the creativepreneur company. Alphabet Incubator has a goal with a veryhigh potential in increasing the traffic rank of the Alphabet Incubator website as seen from thesupported LTAI schedules. Blockchain research in recent years has produced a need to conductresearch studies. Through this research, there are 3 (three) issues that are being discussedregarding improving the ranking of the Alphabet Incubator website by using the AlphabetIncubator website to create an LTAI schedule. To improve quality, use blockchain on the LTAIschedule on the Alphabet Incubator website. To increase the traffic rank of the Alphabet Incubatorwebsite and to support the development of the Alphabet Incubator, the implementation is carriedout by using the blockchain on the LTAI schedule that has been made by students. Resulting inblockchain utilization activities on the LTAI schedule and in order to increase the rank of theAlphabet Incubator website using Alexa Rank.Keywords—Alphabet Incubator,blockchain, Rank, Schedule.


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