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Suryani Suryani Indra Samsie


The protection of online systems, especially websites, relies heavily on the role of theadministrator, which is monitoring the website. Administrators cannot monitor continuouslybecause of the limited time they have. While attacks and Illegal access especially brute forceattempts from attackers against websites can occur at any time. There is no handling mechanismthat can be done through mobile devices to Illegal access efforts on the website, becoming oneof the weaknesses of a website. The method used is a protection model with the use of firebasenotification technology, where the application detects Illegal access attempts and automaticallysends notifications to administrators via their devices (technology devices that are created moresophisticated than previous technologies). Ideally, the website has used Secure Socket Layer(SSL) technology which is a website security standard with SSL technology, all data will beencrypted before sending it to the server. Besides relying on monitoring in the form ofnotifications, to speed up security on Illegal access efforts, the administrator can do earlyprotection through the application. That is in the form of temporary deactivation of the user andactivates hibernation mode (a mode that allows the power of the computer will be turn offcompletely) on the system if the threat of attack continues to increase. Therefore the result ofapplying the method is expected that the administrator can monitor and handle websites fromIllegal access efforts from attackers more quickly, precisely and easily.Keywords ___ security protection, brute force, mobile application, Illegal access, website

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