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Sirojul Hadi Ahmat Adil


Some gases have properties that can be harmful to the human body if inhaled and getin the human body. The types of gas are LPG, CH 4 , CO and other types of gas. The effects causedby the gas to humans are shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, and death. In addition, somegases can cause fires and explosions. Therefore, this research will present the design of a type ofgas detection device based on the MQ-2 gas sensor. The difference between this research andother research on the design of gas detection is that this research will focus on building a gasdetector that can distinguish several types of gases such as LPG gas, gas arising from pertalitefuel and alchol. MQ-2 gas sensors are sensitive to these types of gases. The sensor output voltagein clean air is below 0.2 volts, when there is gas from alcohol which is 0.35-0.69 volts, when thereis gas from pertalite fuel which is 2.7-4.1 volts, whereas when there is LPG gas which is 3-4.4volts.Keywords : Type of gas, gas detector, MQ-2 gas sensor

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HADI, Sirojul; ADIL, Ahmat. RANCANG BANGUN PENDETEKSI GAS BERBASIS SENSOR MQ-2. SENSITIf : Seminar Nasional Sistem Informasi dan Teknologi Informasi, [S.l.], p. 327 - 334, dec. 2019. Available at: <https://ejurnal.dipanegara.ac.id/index.php/sensitif/article/view/562>. Date accessed: 07 aug. 2020.