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Muhammad Qadafi Khairuzzaman


Cryptography is a message hiding technique where the message can only be known bythe sender and receiver of a message, where the message is often called encryption. At this timeencryption has been developed, one of which is the Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA) method whichuses two keys, public key and private key, where the key can be set with a prime numbercalculation as the key generator for values of e, d, and n. Where the prime value calculation willbe the length of the characters from sending a message and the bit length of the key formation, itis more difficult to solve because it is difficult to factor two very large numbers and it is consideredsafe even though it has never been proven to be safe or not, therefore in this study will be securityis made even better by making a value for the value of e, p and q at random. In the process ofcryptographic processing of the RSA method, it uses visual basic for application (VBA) which hasbeen facilitated by Microsoft Excel, which is considered easier to implement and is considered tobe a computer user who certainly has Microsoft Excel facilities.Keyword : Cryptography, Encryption, Rivest Shamir Adlemen (RSA), Visual Basic for application(VBA)


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